Australian, British, US and most Western European citizens receive a 90-day entry permit on arrival. Five-day-only stays on Jeju-do are visa free.

Tourist Visas
1. With a confirmed onward ticket, visitors from the USA, nearly all Western European countries, New Zealand, Australia and around 30 other countries receive 90-day permits on arrival. Visitors from a handful of countries receive 30-day permits, while 60-day permits are given to citizens of Italy and Portugal. Canadians receive a six-month permit.
2. About 30 countries – including the Russian Federation, India and Nigeria – do not qualify for visa exemptions. Citizens from these countries must apply for a tourist visa, which allows a stay of 90 days.
3. Visitors cannot extend their stay beyond 90 days except in situations such as a medical emergency. More info is at and
4. Holders of a passport from China must apply for a tourist visa but are allowed an exemption of 120 hours (five days) if they join a tour group to visit Jeju-do and arrive through certain airports. This list is always increasing but includes the airports Gimpo (Seoul), Incheon (near Seoul), Gimhae (Busan), Daegu (Gangwon-do), Yangyang (Gangwon-do) and Cheongju (Chungcheongbuk-do). Other incentives aimed at wooing Chinese tourists include being able to apply online for electronic visas and increased visa application centres in China.
5. As rules are always changing, see for more visa information.